It sounds fairly unsightly when someone calls a person Sapo, therefore you realize, if an individual refers to your a Sapo, these people likely dont would like you indeed there.

in September 22, 2021

It sounds fairly unsightly when someone calls a person Sapo, therefore you realize, if an individual refers to your a Sapo, these people likely dont would like you indeed there.

Sample: los cuales person tan sapo(En) just how nosy you may be.

Que maricada

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Its used to reference one thing ridiculous, foolish or perhaps not rewarding.

For instance: ?Esta llorando por esto? Que maricada. (EN) Feeling weeping over it? Thats foolish.


A Pichurria is an activity which is not beneficial, that is definitely insignificant.

Instance: los cuales regalo color pichurria o que dude brown pichurria. (En) exactly what a dull item or That boy is definitely an article of dump.

Colombian Slang Hello

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As a tourist I prefer surprising someone by understanding the less conventional approaches to write in Spanish.

Hence in Cuba, I say que bola? in addition to Mexico it is actually que pedo? instead of a official hola or como estas?

In Colombia there are various ways to greeting people that are relatively not the same as other Spanish-speaking region.

These are the Colombian Spanish hello:


It is very typical in Colombia, actually an informal form as well as being combined with group you are already aware or family members.

Quihubo! Its an abbreviated and customized form of Que hubo, used as a discussion newbie. A

lthough if speaking rapidly, it appears a lot more like a ?Quihubo!

Que mas

?Que mas? Which fundamentally suggests just what otherwise?, a lot of Colombians take advantage of this person to claim Heya, how are things?

You can use this salutation in a call, through WhatsApp or in individual.

Should you combine pues by the end, like, ?Que mas pues? You may appear very paisa, that is definitely individuals of Medellin.


?Buenas! is among the most usual means of greeting after you get at the place in Colombia.

Aceptables are an abbreviated version of Buenos dias/Buenas tardes/ Buenas noches, in Colombia you simply claim Buenas!

Truly valid for the day, the morning and also the day. They most likely likewise answer back with a Buenas!

Como van las cosas

This type of greeting literally ways How happen to be matter going, it can be used through phone chat, WhatsApp or perhaps in person.

Its a good method to start a conversation because the very same concern attracts you to definitely inform unique by what has gone wrong.

Colombian Comments

Colombian the male is people who dont psyche appreciating a womans luxury and letting their are able to tell very loudy.

Equally you will find compliments that can not of the same quality, a lot of them prepare lady smile, either as it is interesting or since female is actually flattered.

If youre lady taking a trip in Colombia its best to know what people are catcalling.

About Ayngelina

Constantly inquisitive from the border of being nosey, Ayngelina is aware that the doorway to all the close talks starts with foods. If she’s peaceful it’s because she’s considering the lady further dish.


I prefer this. Hometown jargon is among those ideas that looks very hard to educate yourself on before hanging out from inside the room. Thank you for the insider info.

Camels & Candy says

Oooh I love learning jargon on the go! The best currently is definitely budgie smugglers (Speedos in Aussie). Although I chat Spanish, Ive never read multiple those sayings and would like to implement chimba! (exclamation place imperative) into our daily vocabularyfor the just audio that i may put, definitely not its which means! Virtually may appear to be youre slicing dress a tree: timber!

juan fierro says

If youre seeing make use of chimba simply make use of it with more detailed close friends, it can’t feel really civil, im Colombian incidentally.

Cheers for all the strategy!

I recognized very quickly that Columbians avoid the use of the diminutive as much being the users in key the usa. Whenever i’d talk about ahorita for ahora or cervecita for cerveza, they’d only snicker at myself and say that I chatted foolish Mexican Spanish.

Colombians generally connect quite plainly, albeit considerably faster than in main the united states. After you get down to Chile and Argentina, its a whole new ballgame.

Sorry, that is erroneous. I reside in Colombia and experiencing -ita or -ica to the end of a word is extremely typical in this article. Additionally, this guide of helpful slang is absolutely only a good choice for people that literally communicate virtually no Spanish. Any Spanish presenter would quite easily see these statement. There are several expressions that are unique to each Latin-American state, and I also motivate anyone traveling, or transferring to a Spanish-speaking region to carry out a fast yahoo browse to find what they are.

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